2015 Sustainability Awards Finalists (Architecture & Design)

8 Oct 2015 Mona Vale, NSW: Devex Systems was one of eight finalist in the Innovation of the Year category for the 2015 Sustainability Awards last week. The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub is an integrated and sustainable energy solution that meets a variety of domestic heating needs and has set new benchmarks for sustainability in the building industry.

Heat your Yoga Studio with Modern, Cost-Effective Radiant Overhead Heating

The undeniable number of Yoga studios popping up left, right and centre in response to an overwhelming demand for this form of fitness is an obvious example of a strong shift in focus in the minds of many to health & wellness. Unfortunately, many Yoga studios struggle to keep their customers comfortable and warm throughout the cooler months and evenings. Electric overhead heating is a cost-effective and modern solution to this problem.

Case Study: Schwank Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heaters – Liebherr Erskine Park, NSW AUSTRALIA

For several years now, Liebherr has standardised facility heating using only Schwank heating on an international scale – a true testament to the superior quality of this product. Schwank Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heaters were therefore specified as the preferred choice for heating the Erskine Park location.

The Radiant Efficiency Factor: Schwank Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heaters

The Radiant Heat Factor: Why it's so Important A higher radiant factor can mean that not as many heaters need to be installed, which results in savings of both capital and running costs. It can also mean that heaters do not need to run for as long in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. Additional running cost savings are also achieved when 2-Stage or preferably the Full Modulation control option is included.