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Sustainable Comfort Living

The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub achieves an optimum and pleasant indoor environment with comfort heating on demand throughout the year. This system has been designed to be an environmentally sound and sustainable solution that offsets household greenhouse gas emissions and allows residential home owners to get one step closer to a carbon neutral house.

2015 Sustainability Awards Finalists (Architecture & Design)

8 Oct 2015 Mona Vale, NSW: Devex Systems was one of eight finalist in the Innovation of the Year category for the 2015 Sustainability Awards last week. The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub is an integrated and sustainable energy solution that meets a variety of domestic heating needs and has set new benchmarks for sustainability in the building industry.

Video Interview: Solamander Innovation

“This is a great honour for us. We are a small business with limited resources, so developing the Solamander® innovation and being recognised by the NSW Business Chamber for this accomplishment is truly wonderful. We have a very hard working and dedicated team of employees that really brought this innovation to life and this is something we are incredibly proud of" said Devex Systems, Managing Director, John Balass.

Excellence in Innovation, Award Finalists!

The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub is a recently patented innovation designed and developed by the team at Devex Systems. This integrated energy solution has set new benchmarks for sustainable technology in the building industry. Devex Systems has been recognised by the NSW Business Chamber as award finalists in the category of Innovation 2015 for the Solamander system.