12 Advantages of the Schwank Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heater

The Heating Solution of Choice for Large Applications!

Designed and manufactured by Schwank, a market leader in radiant heating technology and distributed exclusively throughout Australia by Devex Systems.

1) Exceptionally high economic efficiency

2) Uniform and comfortable heat distribution

3) Short warm-up times

4) Long-life cycle and high comfort

5) No dust swirls or draughty air

6) Quality “Made in Germany”

7) Burner technology: Whisper-Jet – A premium class burner

8) Long, laminar flame for improved heat transfer inside the tube

9) Pressure fan design to increase the life cycle of components

10) Operation as quiet as a whisper through optimised flow characteristic inside the burner

11) 2-stage as well as modulating operation to reduce operating costs

12) Patented Schwank ceramic burner tile for the clean combustion of the gas-air-mixture


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