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Danfoss is the world leader in hydronic heating and cooling systems. Our balancing valves and actuators, like the revolutionary AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control valve are designed to optimise commercial HVAC systems towards greater efficiency to allow for precision temperature control & balance and ensure significant energy savings.

Without pressure independent technology, it can be incredibly challenging to maintain the balance of an HVAC system, but with AB-QM’s revolutionary technology the compact automatic balancing valve and the pressure independent control valve have combined into one comprehensive valve structure.  AB-QM offers superior temperature control and performance compared to other pressure independent control valves on the market. 

VIDEO: A brief explanation of the principle of automatic balancing & control of fancoil units in office buildings. Including the benefits of using Danfoss' AB-QM valve compared to traditional balancing valves.

There have been close to 2 million AB-QM valves installed internationally over the past 10 years. See Project References and Case Studies






  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Indoor Environments
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Theatres
  • Shopping centres



  • Improve balance and control of room temperature
  • Optimise HVAC systems towards greater efficiency
  • High quality, European-made
  • Significant energy and cost savings
  • Quick payback - 3 years or less expected payback on retrofit applications
  • Safe and reliable
  • Suitable for new construction and retrofit projects
  • The perfect solution for controlling terminal units i.e. fan coils, chilled ceilings, air handling units etc.


The AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve

Unrivalled in Australia, the AB-QM’s revolutionary technology combines the compact automatic balancing valve and the control valve into one comprehensive valve structure.

AB-QM offers superior temperature control and performance compared to other pressure independent control valves on the market.

One of the most obvious advantages of this valve when compared with conventional two-way valves and manual balancing valves is that fewer products and or parts are required.

This cuts down on installation and commissioning time, takes away the need to do any kind of manual balancing of the installation and reduces calculations significantly.

All that is needed is the required flow and the AB-QM will automatically balance the installation immediately after having been installed.

The valve addresses several inefficiencies that are common to many large HVAC systems:

  1. It eliminates over-pumping throughout the system by only delivering the required flow to the terminal units
  2. It keeps the delta T high which maximises the efficiency of the chillers and boilers, and
  3. It provides superior control of room temperatures creating greater comfort all while consuming less energy!

The AB-QM’s unique design gives it significant advantages over alternatives:

  1. 1.It offers virtually 100% authority over its design pressure range, and
  2. It does this over a large range of settings
  3. It is not sensitive to clogging as it does not use cartridge technology, and
  4. It can be adjusted in the field which is great for the contractor should the project requirements change along the way 

The Danfoss AB-QM is a pressure independent balancing and control valve is able to continuously optimise large HVAC systems delivering significant running cost savings.

It has been a huge success in Europe, North America, the Middle East and in Asia, and has been the preferred valve to specify on several projects throughout Australia.

Many businesses have saved a significant amount of electricity (14-15%)simply by regulating the chilled water pump flow via variable speed drives at required rate only.


Danfoss AB-QM - Helping you go Green!

Danfoss is the market leader in pressure independent control technology, with vast experience producing reliable and precise automatic control solutions. Despite all the innovations in the ­field of installation, it is still a challenge to balance and control HVAC systems without pressure independent technology.

The Danfoss AB-QM™ Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) will help save time during implementation, decrease maintenance and save energy whether you’re looking for an energy saving solution during renovation or designing for a new building.

Many businesses have saved a significnat amount of electricity (14-15%) simply by regulating the chilled water pump flow via variable speed drives at required rate only.

Your Benefits:

• Experienced customer service and technical support staff

• One valve does it all

• Danfoss AB-QM™ pressure independent temperature control valve cuts energy consumption from HVAC by 20-50%.

(Dynamic balancing and control valve all in one)

• Third party testing of AB-QM™ indicates accuracies of ± 5% of setpoint

• Compact Design

• Broad range of products with unique self-calibrating actuators

• 100% Valve Authority = 100% Flow Stability at Partial Loads

• Use fewer products to balance system

• Less commissioning and shorter installation time

• Maintenance Minimized

• Improved balance/control & substantial energy savings ($$$)

• Minimized horsepower required by pump

• Chillers operate at designed capacities

• Improved Indoor comfort

• High ROI with potential payback time in less than 3 years

• AB-QM™ puts your system back into proper balance
• Lower costs and higher energy efficiency

• Better indoor comfort as flows always match load requirements

• Compact design (great for small spaces such as fan coil units, VAV boxes, retro­ts, etc.)

• Extensive PICV sizes and actuator choices

• Extensive flow ranges; .25 GPM (½” Low Flow) to 1629 GPM (10” High Flow)
• Easy setting and sizing

•100% Valve authority & perfect control

•Constant Δp across the valve portion of the AB-QM™ results in accurate flow limitation and 100% authority

•Double shut off for Class IV (No leakage certification).



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TWA-Z Thermal Wax Actuators

These provide a cost-effective solution for the control of hot and/or chilled water for fan coil units, small reheaters and recoolers, in temperature control systems. Thermal actuator for Danfoss automatic flow limiter type AB-QM and for valve type VZL. AMV 15/16 are actuators for three-point control and AME 15/16 are actuators for modulating control.

The advanced design incorporates a load related 'switch-off' to ensure that neither actuators nor valves are exposed to overload.


ABMN Actuator for Modulating Control

Control is done by a 0-10 V signal, which is provided either by a room thermostat or, in most cases, by a central direct digital control (DDC) system. The actuator converts the 0-10 V signal into proportional actuator travel, which can be either linear (ABNM LIN) or logarithmic (ABNM LOG).


AME Actuator for Modulating Control

AME 130, AME 140, AME 130H and AME 140H actuators are used with VZ, VZL or VRBZ valves. The actuator can be used with fan coil units, induction units, small reheaters, recoolers, and zone applications in which hot/cold water is the controlled medium.



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Danfoss Hydronic Controls & Accessories

Hydronic systems are quite sophisticated in design and consist of the circulation of warm water through an intricate network of polyethylene oxygen resistant piping under the floor surface. This ensures a gentle, warm heat that is evenly distributed throughout the entire living space.

Danfoss Heating Solutions offer a full range of high quality, European-made hydronic floor heating parts including manifolds, zone controls and mixing shunts along with their accessories.

  • Brass manifolds are used to control water flow in Hydronic floor heating systems. The supply side manifold comes with or without flowmeters. The return side manifold is equipped with integrated Danfoss presetting valves for easy balancing. A range of high quality accessories are available for the FHF manifolds.
  • Isolated zone controls are used to control the floor temperature for individual floor heated rooms and are ideal for isolated bathroom.
  • Compact mixing shunts are used to regulate flow and supply temperatures in floor heating systems. Their compact and flexible design allows the shunt to be mounted on either side of the manifold. A self-acting proportional regulator is used to regulate the supply temperature to ensure it is always constant and at the required temperature.

Our partners Rehau, Bosch & Baxi offer the following range of products:

  • Rehau Pipe for Hydronic Floor Heating Systems: PEX Rautitan pink heating pipe, diffusion plate system and tacker board insulation
  • Bosch residential condensing boilers
  • Baxi commercial condensing boilers




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